These are common questions we receive from people:

Who are you? 
We are a body of Christian believers belonging to a Mission Church in the Diocese of the Eastern United States of the Anglican Province of America.  Our congregation began in 1995.

What is an “Anglican”?
An Anglican is a Reformed Catholic Christian – one who holds to the evangelical faith and catholic order of the Church as received through the Church of England.

So you are Evangelicals?
Yes, in the full and literal sense of that word:  We proclaim the whole Gospel (including the parts that make us uncomfortable) as the good news of God’s grace for all people who need his mercy made available through Jesus Christ – that is, all of us. 

And  you are Catholics, too?
Yes, in the ancient, full and literal sense of that word:  We stand for the whole faith, which is for all people in all times and places and cultures, and we seek the healing of the breaches between Christian believers so that the visible unity for which the Lord Jesus prays (see John 17) may become a present reality.  

Are you Episcopalians?
No, but we are episcopalians:  That is, we are under the care of a bishop.  However, we are not to be confused with The Episcopal Church, which is a different denomination.
What is a “mission church”?
It is a non-self-supporting congregation within a diocese under the pastoral care of a priest.  It is governed by a Steering Committee, also sometimes called a Vestry.

So, what is a “diocese”?
A diocese is a regional group of local churches under the pastoral care of a bishop.  It is governed by a Synod made up of the bishop, clergy and lay representatives elected from the congregations.